Secret Neighbor

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Welcome to the most unique horror game in the format of an entertaining multiplayer! This is a brand new story and here are the nest news – you are welcome to enjoy it with your buddies and other players from the online server, because this is a title for numerous gamers! The events take place between the first and the second part of the original game. The group of young children is watching the suspicious neighbor and you are a part of this company. Together, you will try to enter the basement of your neighbor and try to save a person he is hiding there. This person is one of your friends – the neighbor has caught him and locked inside of a dark cellar, where he sits all alone, scared and desperate. However, there is one big problem here – one of the kids from your team is a betrayer. This is actually your neighbor, disguised and covered. He will try to make the other players trust him. At the very end, this guy will betray everyone and make the team of rescuers lose the game. This means that even though the game includes team play and help, you must remember that one of you cannot be trusted. Try to distinguish the betrayer before he implements his horrible plan in life.

You will win the game in case your team passes all the obstacles and dangers. The final spot you need to reach is the basement. Enter this dark room under the floor of a house and make sure to find your lost buddy. He is counting on you. During the game, you will have to gather keys to move further in a house, save your buddies from a nasty neighbor, cooperate with everyone, but never trust them – remember that one of the kids is a neighbor and your enemy. If you are lucky enough to play for a neighbor, you can use all the properties of your house to divide, scare, and confuse the young guests you never expected for. You have numerous tools and highly technological gadgets that will definitely give you superiority over the team of children. Use all opportunities to trick them! Save your cellar from the invasion of the children and make sure that you behave like a team member – this will help you trick the kids. Attack at the right moment.
The game is a truly unique experience filled with suspense and truly interesting puzzles to solve. You are going to wander around the giant house, trying to deal with all the tasks. Playing for one of the kids, be sure to stay careful and watch your buddies carefully – one of them may behave in a pretty suspicious manner. Chances are that this is actually your main enemy, disguised and nasty.

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