Hello Neighbor 3

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3.8 stars (11votes)

The story of your creepy neighbor and your investigation of his secrets that would make anyone’s blood chill is going on. The third part is at your disposal and we guarantee that you will be frightened a lot – the game uncovers the dark secrets of human soul, basing on the idea that someone living next to you, can be anyone – even the horrible monster and a killer. Even though he looks like an intelligent man, well-dressed and polite, he has something to hide and this something is really stunning in the worst possible sense. So, here you go – we present the third part of a stealth horror game, where you will sneak into your neighbor’s house, resolve the puzzles, and try to get out alive if you can.

The neighbor becomes more and more tricky, smart, and inventive. The game developers tried really hard to make him behave like a real man and precisely – the hero of your worst nightmare. The neighbor is looking for you and due to the AI technologies that control him, this guy knows how to find you and which plans are the most efficient against you – he learns at the real time and the best materials for his education are your moves and decisions. The game has an open plot, since you can do everything you want and make choices you perceive as the best. This means that you are going to write your own horror story based on the actions you perform and choices you make. Do your best not to get caught by him. The objective is to get through all the difficulties and find out the final truth that will explain everything happening out there. Do your best not to die in the process of your investigation – this can easily happen if you will get caught by the violent neighbor, willing your blood! Well, you are inside of his house and one step before uncovering his worst crimes, so be ready that he will resist severely.

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