Hello Neighbor Alpha 2

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Did you miss your horrible neighbor? Then say “hello”, because he is back in a brand new, cool, and super-thrilling horror game. As always, you are opposing the pure evil embodied in the person from the house near yours. This is your famous neighbor with mustache and that sparkle in his eyes. He is intelligent, smart, witty, and very cruel. You will sneak into his house and try to find out his horrible secrets. Namely – you are going to pass numerous rooms and corridors until you reach the final spot – his basement. The newest feature of this part of the game is that now your neighbor is extremely advanced and clever – he is controlled by the artificial intelligence, highly technological and absolutely unpredictable. Though, you become predictable for him – as an AI-controlled character, your neighbor knows your behavior and learns from your moves. Be ready that your best ideas and puzzle-solving moves will be predicted and blocked once you try to repeat them.

When you enter the neighbor’s house, you are going to look around and find out the proofs for your main suspicion. You think that this man is a kidnapper and maybe – a serial killer. To find out the truth, you will make your dangerous and truly complicated way through the house filled with traps. What is more, the man is chasing you and watching you no matter where you go. Even if he is not present there in person, be ready that his cameras will fix your movement and he will be aware of where you are. The main objective is to get to the basement alive and find out the truth without being caught and killed by the neighbor. As we have already warned you, the neighbor will learn from your actions and act accordingly – do your best to escape safely and look for alternative decisions and ways to get out if you can. His house is really large, so be ready for thousands of traps and puzzles here and there. When you enter it, the environment becomes enormously huge! It grows all the time and seems to be endless. The same happens with neighbor’s ideas – they are evolving and he easily learns from what you do. The environment here is highly interactive – you can touch and use almost every item and make it serve you for good. For example, hide with their help, move faster, and even fly. Be creative and enjoy the story filled with mysteries and the darkest fears of your childhood. The amazing sandbox game is waiting for you – enter now and have fun online without a necessity to download the game.

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