Hello Neighbor 2

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The adventures in your neighbor’s house continue! This is the second part of your story and you are welcome to continue the saga. This time, not only you will have to deal with your neighbor, Mr. Peterson, but also a strange entity that lives in his house now. Peterson has disappeared after the events of the first part, but you can feel his presence in the traps and various dangerous nasty surprised he has left here. What is more, the house is now inhabited by someone even more spooky than your neighbor. Maybe, this creature has kidnapped or even killed Peterson? There is no answer, but something strange is definitely happening here and you are going to find out what exactly is going on and how to survive in the extremal conditions of never-ending chase inside of the strange house of your neighbor. You will play against the character that is controlled by the AI and this makes it really-really dangerous. He learns from your actions and invents relevant strategies all the time. He is very advanced and new abilities become available for him during the entire playing process. He sees you moving and adapts his actions to yours, so be attentive, careful, and… creative.

The artificial intelligence works on the high level. He investigates the environment and tries to find the best way to catch you. This guy will make traps and sit quietly somewhere, then attack all of a sudden. You must be very careful when wandering around the house – this creature is very smart and advanced. When you make something successful – for example, you use a found item in a very interesting and efficient way or find out how to get through a tricky area – the AI monster will track your moves and learn from them. All of your best ideas will be mimicked by this creature and used against you in the future. However, you can watch this guy in turn as well – he has an everyday routine and special hours when he cooks, eats, sleeps, and do other stuff. Also, he goes to the woods, where he digs out something (or someone!). Your opponent will use the same objects as you do to reach the same objectives as you need.
This part of the game goes far beyond the house of your neighbor – there are more areas you can visit! The entire Raven Brooks is available for your investigation. This is a large open world with no limitations and you can go wherever you want from the very first minutes of the game. The AI monster will also investigate the house, environment, and… you! Each of the players will have his/her own story top write – the events happen and develop in the real time, so each of you will experience something original. Your decisions influence the plot and the ending.

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