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This is the night of horror! You are stuck in the old and abandoned park of amusement, where you work as a guardsman at night. This time, everything is not as it was before. Of course, your job has never been safe – you are the one to patrol and track the territory, where the vandals and criminals can do their nasty stuff. However, dealing with human beings is not a big problem comparing to a monster you are going to meet this night. This is guest and he is here for your body and soul. Are you ready to oppose the pure evil that comes straight from hell? We hope so, because Guest is already here, watching you and breathing at your back. There is a night of horror waiting for you now, so get ready to stand against the hellish entity and try to stay alive if you can. This won’t be easy, because your opponent is trickier than anything and anyone you could imagine.

The monster likes darkness, so he is likely to avoid the lamps, beams, and flashlight at all costs. This gives you a chance – if you want to keep Guest away from you, the best idea is to hide somewhere near the light – this will increase a chance that he won’t get you. Also, be walks very quietly and attacks all of a sudden – he is fast and prefers to kill his victims jumping on them from their backs, so you will hardly notice Guest approaching to you! This means that you must keep such a situation in mind – remember that the Guest is always here, looking for your blood, and break through all of his nasty spells if you can. Patrol the territory and stay safe if you can – Guest is here to kill you! You cannot kill the guest, only frighten him with the light – he won’t approach in case you will defend yourself with the help of a flashlight, so make sure that you carry one with you. He looks like a demon with the traits of a bird and insect! Also, he is a wearing a hoodie with a large capuche and you cannot see his eyes. This one is a very creepy title, so get ready to turn your lights off and put the headphones on!

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