Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek

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This one is a prequel to a famous horror game Hello Neighbor. This time, you will find out more about the past of your neighbor and what is more – you will outlive it and become its part. The game starts at the afternoon and the happy family of your neighbor – wife and two children – are preparing for a family meal. The picture is idyllic and beautiful. The next stage of the game starts when kids are playing their favorite games. You will play for them. When the dinner time comes, kids enter the kitchen to see if their parents are preparing for a meal. It is afternoon, but mom doesn’t call them to eat together. When they appear in the kitchen, there is nobody out there. Children become nervous and scared.

They decide to call parents and take the phone. When the young boy dials the number, they don’t answer the phone. The little girl starts being even more nervous and sad, so her brother offers to play the game – firemen. He will play for the fire and she will be a fire-fighter. She agrees and they start playing. When the afternoon comes, their dad comes back. He looks sad and confused. There is mom’s bag in his hands. Kids realize that something really horrible has happened. Their parents got into the car accident and mom is supposedly dead now. Kids hug their father and understand the situation. Being very frustrated and dull, they sit at the table and eat their dinner.
The next day, father sits in front of a TV set frustrated and deeply depressed. After the event happened to their mother, kids behave in the other way and especially – the young boy. He has troubles with nerves – he cries, shouts, and cannot be controlled or calmed down. His sister cannot calm him down until she invents the game where she will play for a zombie and he will be a graveyard-man. When the game is over, the boy doesn’t understand that and starts shooting at his sister from a toy gun. He continues behaving inadequately.
In the last chapter, kids play hide and seek. In the process of the game, they climb on the rooftop of the house, where the boy accidentally pushes his sister and she falls down. The girl dies and his father finds her on the ground. He decides to bury her on the backyard of the house. This story explains why Peterson acts the way he does and suggests that his loses and traumas made him a bit psycho. Play it to have a full picture of the story and enjoy the game to the fullest – you will find out everything about the history of your neighbor and reasons for him to behave that violently.

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