Hello Neighbor 2 Game Play Online For Free

Sometimes, we have no idea about people that love nearby. They look so ordinary – our neighbors, their families, and their habits. We meet them every day in the yard of garden, seeing how they deal with the trees, tide up their houses, and do other stuff. We say: “Hello, neighbor,” without an idea that this man might be not the one he seems. In this game, a thrilling plot of uncovering the shivering truth about the man who lives near you takes place. Here you go – enter the most blood-chilling horror story that will definitely come to your liking, if you are a real fan of exciting creepy games filled with suspense, mysteries, and unexpected turns of the plot.
The story of you and your strange neighbor starts when you see him acting unusually. The entire game is divided into four parts. When everything begins, you are a small child that see how your neighbor locks someone inside of his dark and gloomy cellar. You think that he has kidnapped someone and now this person is doomed to suffer without seeing the sunlight ever again! Maybe, the neighbor will try to kill him, so you decide to get inside and get this poor thing out of there. When you get into the basement, the man catches you and locks in his house. This is when the second block of the story starts. Here you will find yourself in an enlarged house where thousands of traps and complicated puzzles are waiting for you. This part is much harder than the previous one. Try to find the key that opens the front door and run away. During this block, you can find out more about your neighbor’s family and tragic past – hos wife dies in a car accident and his young daughter falls of a roof and dies as well. Then comes the third act, when you are already adult and you don’t live at that town anymore. Before moving away from the country, you decide to take a final look at that strange house where you have been as a child as well as the one nearby – the place really excited and frightened you. So when you there, you see that the neighbor’s house was ruined by fire. Then you come to your place and go to bed. When the scene ends, you appear in the middle of a final battle – large room, where you must enter the house on the back of a huge neighbor and beat him down. Then you visit the next room, where you have to save your small self from the attack of the shadow – the shadow of your neighbor that scares you that much. When you manage to do that, you can see the neighbor locked in the other room – this is the room of his sorrow and fear. He looks at the old photo of his family. Such a sad and creepy story is waiting for all players to join right now! Have fun!

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