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The best version of the game is a full and unlimited one! Play Hello Neighbor with no blocks and enjoy your favorite story about the crazy man from the next house! We are welcoming you to write your own horror story and have fun in the giant house of the neighbor, willing to catch you and who know what are the plans he has! You will enter the dwelling of your suspicious neighbor – he is hiding someone in the basement and you suggest that this is his victim and he is potentially a maniac. Enter the basement if you can and do that faster than he finds you. The aim is to make your way through all traps and solve the puzzles he has left and established all around the house. The unblocked game includes all environments, tasks, and mission to complete.

The neighbor is tricky – he is very smart and attentive. You won’t deal with him and his mysterious tough puzzles easily. The idea of the game is to find out his secret and supposedly – save the person he is hiding on the locked cellar. Before you reach the cellar, you should investigate the house and look through a number of rooms – there you will definitely find a key from the cellar’s door. The neighbor will be following you no matter where you are and watching you. Where he is not present personally, there are cameras that allow him to see you and track your movement. You are going to hide and run from him, trying to get through numerous challenges without dying and getting caught. The enemy is not only smart, but able to learn from your behavior. Be ready that this guy will learn from you, namely – predict your behavior and do everything to catch you! Make sure that you come up with new ideas and tactics all the time, or the enemy will crack all of your supposed steps. Enjoy the unblocked version on this website – it is in the free access and available online, so you are welcome to launch it whenever you are ready for a pretty tough horror stealth adventure and try yourself against such an advanced and complicated enemy as the neighbor. The game consists of different chapters and we have all of them right here, so you are welcome to experience the full story at any time – the games as well as inner chapters are 100% available for all of our dear visitors!

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