Hello Neighbor Update

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Looking for the fresh version of Hello Neighbor? How about a nice update, so full-fledged and feature-packed that you will definitely find it amazing? Well, be ready to meet your neighbor again – he is here to play another bloody hide and seek game with you. Enter the house of your enemy who lives nearby and start your investigation of his crimes. You suspect this man of being a killer and kidnapper – as you know from the previous original parts of the game, he behaves in a very strange way and hides something in his cellar. However, what you are pretty assured of is that he doesn’t hide something, but someone – his victim that is supposed to get locked there forever. This sounds too horrible, so you decide to come there and help this poor thing.

The updated version includes a brand new feature – advanced system of artificial intelligence that controls the main enemy of yours. You are going to deal with someone as tricky as a real person and even more – this character learns perfectly and mimics your best moves. You will have to deal with a real horrible monster that changes and improves his moves and decisions all the time. The task is not that simple, but you are welcome to change your approaches as well and do your best to trick even the most highly-developed artificial intelligence. Oppose the frightening entity and do your best to get through all the traps, puzzles, challenges, and shivering facts you are going to find out. The game immerses you in a real atmosphere of anxiety and suspense – the enemy changes and improves his tactics as well as you do. Enjoy one of the most popular and well-done horror games of the last decade and don’t forget to check all the existing parts of it right on this site – we have uploaded a full collection for you. Have fun, be attentive, and go through this creepy story alive and sane!

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