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Fresh and as frightening as ever – the new part of Hello Neighbor is already here! Are you ready to sneak into the house of horrors and constant danger once again? Sure, you are! This is just the reason why you are here, right? You can get the most of this horror story after entering the game where the strange and creepy events are happening. In the latest part of Hello Neighbor, you won’t actually meet the man you remember from the previous chapters – Mr. Peterson is gone. Instead of this man, you will meet someone else, no less creepy, and chances are – even more violent and smart than the previous liver. This strange guest behaves like everybody else – he does his things during the day, eating, cooking, and sleeping. But there is another thing he does every single day – he leaves the house, goes to the woods, and comes back with something large and heavy on his back. Of course, your first though is that this evil creature is carrying a corpse!

The game encourages you to find out what has happened to the neighbor, where did he go, and who is that strange guy that occupies his house now. Is he somehow connected with neighbor’s disappearance? Maybe, he killed him? There are no answers, but gradually you will move further and find out what has happened and what is waiting for you in this house. Are you ready to deal with someone even trickier and scarier than your previous enemy? Then enter the game now and try not to die after meeting him in person! This guy learns from you and your moves – he copies your ideas, investigates the lands around, and tries to find the most efficient way to beat you down. However, you are already experienced and know how to deal with those strange guys, right? Overcome the horrible and inventive AI! Do your best and try not to get caught.

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