Hello Neighbor 2020

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What fears and horrors the freshest part of Hello Neighbor will bring you? This game is unusual, since the very new creature appears here. Previously, you were trying to avoid meeting your worst enemy – Mr. Peterson, the neighbor. However, now things are quite opposite: he is gone and you don’t know where he is. At the same time, the house of your neighbor is not empty – there is someone inside! You have no idea who is that, but this creature behaves suspiciously. While previously you tried to avoid the neighbor, now you have a desire to find him, so for your own risk, you enter the house and try to find out what has happened and who is there.

Very soon you find out that the tricky entity in the house of the neighbor is another man. He does everything habitually – prepares meals for himself, eat, have a nap, and… walks to the nearby forest, bringing huge sacks with something large and heave from there. Could those sacks be filled with human bodies? Very likely, you think. The enemy will be watching you, so beware – when you walk around the house, this strange guy will predict your behavior and moves, because he is controlled by the advanced AI and he can learn from you and the environment. He will copy your actions and know what you are going to do next. Make your way around the house and enjoy the open world of a large map, where you can visit different places all around the town area. This one is the first game where you go far beyond the neighbor’s house. Investigate new locations, meet the unknown opponent, and do your best to get through all the traps and obstacles alive. Find out why this creature is here and where did your neighbor Mr. Peterson go. Do your best to survive in this deadly adventure and get ready to uncover the gloomy and creepy mysteries and puzzles of your neighbor and hos destiny. Make sure not to get caught by a strange guest that lives in Peterson’s house now. Be careful and good luck.

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